OceanOne Floating Docks

  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Wood

What is one of the main benefits of using one of our Custom Built Floating Docks? It won’t sink. Custom built closed cell foam, that is NOT HOLLOW. Even if you puncture the floating dock, it won’t sink. You can get a custom built floating dock in Aluminum, Composite, or wood. Depending on the strength that you need, and your budget, we can custom build a floating dock that is perfect for you.

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AccuDock Floating Dock Systems


What separates AccuDock® from other floating dock companies is the ability and willingness to work with each customer on creating the ideal floating dock solution that allows them to maximize their waterfront experience while also enhancing the natural beauty of each individual install location.

AccuDock® is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of floating docks for all market segments (ranging from residential installs to large customized commercial applications). The AccuDock® team of fabricators, engineers, mechanics, welders, sales professionals, and more; all diligently work towards proving each customer with the highest quality product and a customer experience.

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