Lakefront Boat Dock
19 Aug

Lakefront Boat Dock

New Lakefront Boat Dock by Ocean One

Are you looking for what type of boat dock is best for your boating and waterfront needs?

It’s best to keep in mind what type of boats and other watercraft you currently own, plus any that you are planning to purchase in the near future. Also, you will want to consider if your area on the water experiences any fluctuation in water levels during the year and how big the waves are that your boat dock will need to stand up against. Now, with Ocean One, you can choose a combination of the boat dock types to best suit your waterfront needs.

Stationary or standing docks are suited for a wide variety of conditions. If your boat dock will experience rough water, this is the best choice because waves can easily pass through the legs.
Once you have chosen the best general type or combination for your boat dock, you still have many style options available to you. You can choose boat docks with slip docks, for the convenient parking of your boat at the dock. These are available with spacious decks, in order to enjoy your leisure time at the waterfront. For the sun-lovers or those who would like to use your waterfront for entertainment or larger gathering, consider a sundeck on top of your boat deck. The possibilities are limitless, depending on your lifestyle, tastes and budget. Contact Ocean One today get a free estimate for your next bock dock!

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