Seawall Repair

We will not compromise our high standards or our integrity; we care too much about our customers to compromise the quality of the job by using inferior materials, or inferior methods. We use time-tested, proven methods, combined with the highest quality materials, and settle for nothing less than impeccability.

Private Seawall

Ocean One will help with any questions you might have and take you step-by-step through your waterfront project, from permitting to the finished product. You can trust that we are committed to using the highest quality materials available, at the best possible value.

Commercial Seawalls

Whether you need a seawall, dredging, a rock revetment (rip-rap), or a retaining wall, Ocean One Dock is here to meet your needs. We have the knowledge, experience needed to ensure all your marine construction needs are met.

Everything you Need from Permits to Completed Project!

Florida DEP

Florida DEP requires an Environmental Resource Permit for construction of certain seawalls.

Highest Quality

Reinforced concrete, steel, vinyl, wood, aluminum, Florida limestone, gabions, and fiberglass composite.

Decades of expertise

Ocean One has over 34 years experience in new seawall construction, seawall replacement, and seawall repair.

Repair, Replacement, Construction, & Design.

Seawall Repair

Lower Cost & Faster Repair without Tearing up your Yard.

Seawall Replacement

Experts in targeted grout injection for seawall replacement.

Property Value

Fact: Seawall repairs limit loss of property value.

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Experts in our industry, we get the job done easy and fast.

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